Our Mission

Our goal is quality, integrity, and dependability ... While serving our customer's business, school, club, concept in their own creative ways
as well as supporting community and family values.


Meet The Team


Rex - Owner and "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer". Always interested in promotional projects and am especially excited to see increased momentum of positive results from using logo products. Being a board member of the local Chamber Of Commerce keeps me busy as well as watching sports games and movies when I get a chance.


Angie - Artwork, sales and working with customers is my specialty. Taking your picture with RJ is fun and love hearing your experiences with Bigfoot. I always welcome a good challenge when someone wants a unique gift, I'll do it. As the store manager, we make 90% of what is in the store, including decals, signs, shirts, hats, buttons, magnets, license plate frames and much, much more. We take orders for any event.




RJ Millton - Even though I seem to be frozen in place, lots of people like me. In fact, I could be considered part of the sales force. I welcome our customers with open arms. No one forgets me. I love getting my picture taken with anyone who stops by. I am on a corner of the parking lot at the Rex Images showroom and gift shop.


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